Puplet Clipper Set™

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Everything you need to get your pup's nails done in just a few minutes as if they were in a salon. Whether you want to shape or shorten them, the new Puplet clip set will allow you that.

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All in one clipper set...

Clipping our pets' nails is often exhausting for everyone involved. The pets become tense, we feel the pressure, and the process can be time-consuming. If we opt for professional help, it involves making appointments, waiting, and incurring expenses. It's a complex process. That's why we're here, to minimize these issues as much as possible.

The Puplet clipper set is a two-product bundle specifically designed to provide a simple solution to this complex problem in just a few minutes. The set includes an electric grinder for shaping and shortening nails, as well as a professional clipper for cutting them. What sets this set apart from other similar products is that it ensures your pets can relax and enjoy a salon-like treatment, thanks to our gentle tools that take care of their nails!

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It ok

Orlando McLaughlin

looks very good quality just what I wanted

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very good stuf

Easton Dickinson

Works well. Shipping and fast. I recommend the product

Magnolia Johnston

Perfect to see how his walking and how his lasting in time