Puplet Water Brush™

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With the Puplet hair remover, there is no longer a need for ordinary brushes that pull your dog's hair and make the grooming task time-consuming. Fill it with water and let it complete the job in seconds.
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Make grooming no longer a time-consuming task...

Sometimes, we all feel reluctant to take the time to groom our pets because we know it can be a long and stressful task. The only reason for this lies in the brushes that make grooming tiring, as they tend to tug at our pets' fur, causing nervousness and prolonging the process. In order to solve this problem, the Puplet team released a new modern type of brush that simply doesn't know these problems.

With its ABS and silicone construction that retains water, our brush not only brushes your pets but also cleans and massages them, providing a salon-like experience that helps alleviate grooming anxiety. To use it, simply open the section at the back of the brush, add water or your preferred grooming lotion, and let the brush do its magic with its system of holes that release the perfect amount of liquid during grooming.

Every Puplet hair remover includes a convenient tissue bag that enhances the grooming process when wrapped around the brush water tank. This ensures that hair doesn't become trapped in the brush's holes, making grooming a quick and effortless routine that will takes only 3 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

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My dog loves it!

Good product!

Patricia Beatty

Goods nadishov shvidko, 2 -3 goods are close to Ukraine. The garnoi of the egg. I was very good for the British cat. Garno vichisu wool and Kitty. I'll catch up with my cat, puff, black wool. Uncle, dobanim with goods☺️

Dana Hodkiewicz

all good very nice plastic. all in all gets the job done

Maye Fay

Works well, after trying different brush. So i write YES

Demetris Cruickshank

Just like the pics. I tested it and it works well, i have a long haired cat. Have 2 sides what i didnt know. It arrived pretty fast. 2 weeks