Puplet PupTrainer™

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Entertain, train, and reward your dog with our PupTrainer! This unique toy will encourage your furry friend to exercise both mind and body through enjoyable play.
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Your pup's new training partner!

It is entirely natural for dogs to seek fun and activity every day, whether it is in smaller or larger amounts. While we understand that every pup parent enjoys this, there are occasions when we may be unable to fulfill these responsibilities or when the dog loses interest in being active. The Puplet PupTrainer was developed as a solution to this problem!

With its unique design, the toy will wobble back and forth when the dog pushes it during play, resulting in the release of food or treats. This will capture the dog's attention and engage them for an extended period, effectively training both their body and mind.

It doesn't matter how much your pet lick or bite the toy because it is made of completely safe food-grade materials, ABC and PC. This makes it strong, wear-resistant, durable, and suitable for small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and cats.

PupTrainer is very easy to use and ideal for busy pet owners. It effectively exercises your pet, alleviates their daily anxiety even when you're not around, enhances their happiness, and boosts their intelligence. All you need to do is ensure that the trainer is filled with food or treats that won't spoil quickly, which only takes a few moments of your time every week.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Maxie Ernser

It's very nice .. didactic .. it entertains a lot .. it moves when playing it and that makes it fun

Darrell Hirthe

Functional serves my puppy charm

Sofia Stamm

Amazing. My dog got crazy over it!!

Eudora Goodwin

Dog likes and learned quickly how to eat.

Amira Wisozk

Fulfills its function